How to Throw the Best BOTOX® Party


Best BOTOXWhen asked to name your hobbies, does the list include getting BOTOX® injections and partying? If so, it’s time to combine the two and throw your own BOTOX® party with all your besties in the comfort of your own home! Follow these savvy party-planning tips and plan ahead to avoid any wrinkles in your BOTOX® party. (See what we did there?)

Find the Cheapest Injector

Hiring a licensed and experienced injector for your party can be pricey, and that money could obviously be better spent on a champagne fountain, DJ or photo booth. I mean, seriously, how much knowledge or experience does it really take to just poke and inject a medical product into your face? There are plenty of people out there who have access to BOTOX® and will come into your home and inject you and your friends in the face on the cheap. When in doubt, Craigslist no doubt offers some great, affordable options.

Don’t Be Picky about Product

Regardless for when or why BOTOX® got so high on the hog, you shouldn’t have to pay top dollar for some fancy name brand. There are plenty of cheaper, hush-hush, off-market products that will totally deliver the same results. Be sure to ask your Craigslist skincare professional for all the details.

Duh, Booze!

Whatever you do in your party prep, do not fail to load up on the wine and cocktails. There is absolutely no better time to get needles in your face and make decisions that will affect your appearance than when you’re stumbling in your stilettos and can barely string together a coherent sentence. So what are you waiting for? Start prepping those Jell-o shots and get ready for the most fun and paralyzing night of your life!

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