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How to Survive the Breast Augmentation Roller Coaster

Breast Augmentation

Breast AugmentationSo, you get the boob job you’ve always wanted but things aren’t quite how you expected them to be. Use this guide to help you navigate the strange and sometimes frightening path you’ll walk after breast augmentation.

Great, You Have Frankenboobs

Know this: your boobs will be weird right after breast augmentation. They will sit too high on your chest and will probably look freakishly hard. Oh, and your nipples will feel funny. Stop and take a deep breath. This is all part of the wild and wondrous journey toward having the boobs of your dreams, which could ironically seem like a nightmare at times.

Until your breast implants soften and settle, they will probably look more strange than sexy.

Buyer’s Remorse

You may find yourself looking at your wacked-out boobs in the mirror thinking “what have I done?” Having breast augmentation improves your self-esteem, right? It’s very common, especially in the early days after breast augmentation, to freak out a little bit and wonder whether you made the right choice. Push through this, because chances are you’re going to wonder what you did without them soon enough.

Coming Full Circle

Several months after breast augmentation, you should begin to see your final results. Your breasts should no longer look like bolt-ons and will probably begin to look and feel pretty amazing. This is when you get to reward yourself for soldiering through all the tribulations your new boobs have put you through. Buy new bras, buy new clothes and show those puppies off!

Just give yourself time and your frankenboobs will fade, along with all your doubts about your breast augmentation.

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