How to Spot a Facelift Gone So Very, Very Wrong

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Facelift Gone WrongA facelift can take years off you, but can also leave you looking like a circus attraction if you’re not careful. Working with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon’s clinic is a must for any procedure, but what actually makes a good facelift? To avoid that over-stretched, immediately obvious bad facelift, make sure to do your homework and trust your gut feeling.

Choosing Your Cosmetic Surgeon’s Clinic

Having cosmetic procedures done willy-nilly by the cheapest cosmetic surgeon’s clinic you can find at the time is a recipe for disaster. Multiple procedures are fine, but only when the aesthetics have been considered by an expert and planned to work together. A quick internet search for botched facelifts will reveal what could happen and what you definitely don’t want. Number 1 on the list of what makes a good facelift is choosing a reputable, experienced cosmetic surgeon’s clinic.

Viewing photos of earlier facelifts can be an excellent way of measuring the results you’re likely to achieve when working with a certain cosmetic surgeon.

Be Honest About Your Lifestyle

Even if you work with the best cosmetic surgeon for your deep plane facelift, the results could be less than ideal if you lie about your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter how embarrassed you are about smoking, or how safe those supplements are supposed to be, your cosmetic surgeon needs truthful answers during your facelift consultation. Looking better isn’t worth sacrificing your health, or your life, for. Results and horror stories aside, you could be at risk if you’re economical with your honesty.

Remember, the rules aren’t there because cosmetic surgeons are party poopers, they’re there so you don’t wind up serving as a warning against avoiding professional advice. It’s simple, honesty and good choices are what makes a good facelift!


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How to Spot a Facelift Gone So Very, Very Wrong
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How to Spot a Facelift Gone So Very, Very Wrong
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