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How to Ruin Your Christmas Photos in 3 Med Spa Treatments or Fewer

person holding up sad face

person holding up sad faceA lot of us run to get med spa treatments for the holidays so we can look gorgeous in those obligatory Christmas photos. Maybe you’re thinking of going the other way, though. If you want to stick it to Big Photo this year by looking awful, here’s our exclusive guide to ruining your family pictures.

  1. Get BOTOX ® for the First Time Right before Your Party

    The truth is that you might not actually like how BOTOX looks on you, or you could be one of the few people who has an allergic reaction to BOTOX. You don’t want to find out if either one of those things is true the day of your fancy shindig.

  2. Have a Chemical Peel Right before Your Photo Shoot

    Chemical peels are kind of like a magical fountain of youth that can help shave ten years off your look almost as quickly as a Snapchat filter. Of course, all that gorgeous youthfulness comes after an initial period of redness.

    If you want to look shiny and red like a Christmas ornament: by all means get a chemical peel right before you have your pictures taken.

  3. Having a Hasty Microdermabrasion Treatment

    One of the top med spa treatments for the holidays is microdermabrasion. This nonsurgical treatment can help transform your rough husk of a face into a dewy, soft picture of youth. But it could take a few sessions to get you there, so don’t just run out and have microdermabrasion the morning before your big holiday party and expect to look fabulous.

    Just because you can have these treatments done during your lunch hour doesn’t mean you should do them at lunch on the day of an important event. Unless you were actually serious about wanting to look terrible.

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How to Ruin Your Christmas Photos in 3 Med Spa Treatments or Fewer
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How to Ruin Your Christmas Photos in 3 Med Spa Treatments or Fewer
Thinking about getting med spa treatments for the holidays? Read this if you don't want to look like Rudolph the reindeer in your Christmas photos.
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