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How to Make Your Fake Boobs Look Totally Real

Fake Boobs Look Totally Real

Gone are the days of wanting to look like the Baywatch girls. Ladies of the 21st century are interested in natural-looking breast augmentation results that turn heads because they’re flattering, not because they closely resemble flesh-colored hubcaps.Fake Boobs Look Totally Real

So how can you make sure you’ll end up with a boob job that won’t look like Victoria Beckham’s self-described torpedo bazookas? (That is, before she came to her senses and had a lovely revision procedure.) Glad you asked, because do we ever have tips for you.

Size Matters

Your frame—height, shoulder width, waist-to-hip ratio—will largely dictate the ideal size of your breast implants. It isn’t unusual to have a hankerin’ for large, voluptuous breasts (the kind that enter a room a few minutes before the rest of you), but the trick is finding a size that suggests ample bounty without being so large that every other body feature is obscured. Yes, you want to show off your beautiful breasts on occasion, but you don’t necessarily want them to have a life of their own.

Implant Options Matter, Too

There are a lot of options for breast implants these days beyond thinking about silicone or saline. Although, since you brought it up, this is a good time to mention that silicone breast implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue than their saline counterparts.

The profile of your breast implants can also be a huge determining factor in your final results. High profile implants add both volume and significant projection, which can work great in some candidates, and resemble ice cream cones in others. That’s why you need to work closely with a highly experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation, and can guide you toward the best possible outcome.

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