Junk in the Trunk

How to Keep Your Butt Bootylicious NOT Supersized


BootyliciousJust who doesn’t want a little extra junk in the trunk? After all, it is a crucial component of the coveted hourglass figure. But there is a fine line between curvy-licious and over-the-top supersized, and one woman had to find out the hard way.

Don’t Try This at Home

Miami model Courtney Barnes and her 59-inch backside are a prime example of how NOT to go about getting a butt lift. At a so-called “pumping party,” Ms. Barnes received an extreme amount of potentially dangerous silicone injections from an amateur, at best. The result was her gigantic booty and the beginning of her butt modeling career.

A More Natural Approach

It’s not all fun in games for Barnes, though. Because of her hugely unnatural backside, it’s virtually impossible to go anywhere unnoticed, and she often feels oversexualized and not taken seriously. Not to mention the fact that the cost of her custom-ordered clothes is probably sky-high.

Rather than supersizing your butt to the extreme, try taking a more natural approach to your butt augmentation.Brazilian butt lifts, which transfer your body’s own fat cells from another area to your booty, can offer sexy results that look and feel just like your natural butt.

Choose Experience over the Price Tag

It’s also worth noting that shopping around for the best deal on a backyard butt lift probably isn’t the best idea at all. Barnes got lucky and thankfully didn’t experience any debilitating side effects, but any time you choose a sketchy deal instead of working with an experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon, you run this risk.

In the long run, it’s worth investing a little more in getting high-quality results that won’t put your safety (or your lovely natural look) at risk.

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