Nose Job

How to Hide Your Nose in a Selfie Until You Book That Nose Job

Nose Job

Nose JobIf you’ve taken a selfie (or two or three) today, raise your hand. Chances are, most of us would raise our hands just about every day if asked this same question. In fact, plastic surgeons have been baffled by the impact that selfies have had on requests for plastic surgery—particularly nose jobs.

But before you book a nose job to boost your selfie game, know that you’re probably looking at a distorted version of yourself in your pics. Changing the way your nose looks could be a matter of trying out these three selfie secrets.

Lead with Your Chin

Usually, whichever feature is closest to the camera will appear the largest, even if this isn’t how you look in real life. So if you want to accentuate your chiseled jawline instead of your nose, tilt your head so that your chin is closest to the camera.

Psst, if you don’t love your jawline or your nose shape, face fillers might be able to help without surgery.

Left Side, Strong Side

Interestingly enough, for most people, their left side is their most flattering side, so you might want to try taking your selfie with your head tilted ever so slightly to the left.

Take It Higher

Taking a pic head-on is not usually the greatest camera angle if you’re trying to downplay your nose, so try bringing your camera up above you just by a hair.

On the flipside, don’t take your selfies from down below your chin, unless you want to showcase a serious double chin.

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How to Hide Your Nose in a Selfie Until You Book That Nose Job
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How to Hide Your Nose in a Selfie Until You Book That Nose Job
Think a nose job would up your selfie game? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe shares some camera angle secrets for taking a better pic, sans surgery.
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