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How to Fix Your “Snoopy” Boobs

Snoopy Boobs

How to Fix Your “Snoopy” Boobs

You’ve almost definitely heard of the Tooth Fairy, but have you heard of the Boob Fairy? She flies by night to bestow blossoming young women with a perfectly-shaped pair of breasts, and she doesn’t even expect payment in return. This tinkerbell of the ta-tas just does her duty to make sure that all’s well in the wide world of breasts.

When the Boob Fairy Doesn’t Visit

The problem is that she’s only one fairy, and it’s just not possible for her to pay everyone a visit. Which may explain why, instead of having a lusciously full, round bosom, you’ve got tuberous breasts, or, in layman’s terms, “snoopy” boobs.

The Case of Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breasts are a classic case of arrested development. Beginning in puberty, tuberous breast deformity describes breasts that are underdeveloped, with a high breast fold and a wide gap between the breasts. Women with this congenital condition have breasts that are narrow and pointy with large, puffy areolas. If you’re a member of the snoopy boob club, there’s a way you can fix your tuberous breasts and enjoy more classically feminine assets.

Hope for Snoopy Boobs

A board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in tuberous breast correction can customize a procedure that will address your breast condition so that you can enjoy a fully-formed, beautifully-shaped chest. Your procedure may include breast augmentation as well as breast-reshaping and repositioning of the areola. Each tuberous breast correction surgery is tailored to meet a woman’s unique situation, to deliver excellent, natural-looking results.


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