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How to Choose the Right Implant Size for Beautiful Augmentation Results

Beautiful Augmentation

Beautiful Augmentation What is beauty? There is perhaps no term more subjective, which is why the task of producing beautiful breast augmentation results can be so complicated. The most important and difficult part of creating beautiful results is the selection of implant size; breaking this process down into a few basic guidelines can help.

Communication Is Key

Perhaps the most important factor is your dialogue between the doctor and patient. It is important to utilize whichever tools the doctor has found to work best—photographs, sizers, etc.—as well as your own knowledge and judgment to determine a preferred implant size.

Physical Features

The individual features of each patient are extremely important as well, especially for determining the implant size that will look most natural. One key feature to consider is breast width. Breast diameter determines the diameter of the implant that will look best. An implant that is too narrow can make the distance between the breasts appear abnormally large, while one that is too wide causes a distorted and unnatural look. Other factors to be considered include the patient’s build, amount of natural breast tissue, thickness of the pectoral muscle, and distance from the clavicle to the inframammary crease.

Post-Op Changes

It’s also essential to keep in mind that breast implants tend to look smaller once they’ve been inserted, and that a certain amount of volume can be lost over the first year as the implant settles into the tissue. Because of these considerations, it may be best for a patient to select a slightly larger implant to help ensure a more satisfying result.

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