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How Snapchat Filters Can Mimic Your Med Spa Results

Snapchat Filters

Snapchat FiltersPredicting med spa results or explaining your wishes to a surgeon can be a major pain because – let’s face it – words just won’t do. But did you know that taking heaps of blurred and tiny pictures of celebrities you found on the internet and showing them to a med spa specialist isn’t the only way to give them a good idea of what you want to achieve?

Selfies as Inspiration

Say what you want about it, Snapchat has just become more than just a platform for exposing your ideal self. Thanks to its filters, you can now use Snapchat to accurately predict your med spa treatments!

Don’t lie to yourself; you’re part of the selfie generation and you’ve definitely used some of the filters supposed to enhance your looks to impress your online audience. It’s selfies that people around you are starting to use as inspiration for med spa treatments so they can transfer their perfect online image to the real, offline world.

Picture Perfect

Unhappy with a pointy nose or not-the-greatest skin complexion, tone or surface? Hey presto, a magical transformation into anything you want is just clicks away through easy to use filters! 

    No wonder that lots of those toying with the idea of cosmetic procedures pull the trigger when seeing their better looking selves is so easy.

The fact that what you see is not some stranger but YOU makes it so much tempting to go for it. And who says you shouldn’t? It’s now clear that you can also take advantage of how Snapchat filters inspire and mimic the results of med spa treatments. Just don’t overdo it with the selfies and you’ll be fine.

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