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How Real Life Is Imitating Digital Boob Jobs

Digital Boob Jobs

Woman in White Fact: The movie-going public wants its female movie stars to have ample breasts.

Problem: Not every movie star has ample breasts.

Solution: Graphic designers are unsubtly giving these female movie stars the physical endowments that nature (or plastic surgery) hasn’t.

What’s this telling the public? That big breasts increase value. Whether we like it or not, people like looking at large, well-proportioned breasts.

Do Movie Posters = More Breast Augmentations?

We don’t have any statistics specifically pointing to movie posters as having a direct effect on the number of breast augmentations performed every year, but advertisements tend to be excellent reflections of public sentiment.

So, are you considering breast augmentation because you want to give your silhouette greater symmetry, or are you having it done because posters of famous people indirectly told you to? If you’re considering breast implants, here are a few things to think about:

  • What’s driving you to get breast implants? If the answer is your boyfriend, husband or a movie poster, you should definitely rethink getting breast implants.
  • How do you expect breast implants to enhance your life? As much as we might want to think a cosmetic procedure will deliver the lifestyle of our dreams, it doesn’t necessarily work out that way. Have a concrete result in mind: increased confidence, more proportioned silhouette, etc.
  • Would you get implants without the influence of the media? Of course, most of us would say yes, but most of us would be lying to ourselves.

You have control over how marketing strategies affect you, and it should take more than images on a poster to convince you to have an invasive surgical procedure. After all, the women on the poster aren’t boasting a DD cup, and the world is treating them pretty well.

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