Tummy Tucks

How One Tiny Suture Style Can Make a Big Difference in Your Tummy Tuck Results

Tummy Tuck Results

Tummy Tuck Results When it comes to beautiful tummy tuck results, tiny details can make a huge difference. That’s why some surgeons are beginning to use the innovative new Quill™ device in their suturing technique during abdominoplasty. The Quill™ device is one suture style that simply can’t be ignored for the most up-to-date, natural looking tummy tuck results. Here’s a look at why.

Controlled, Distributed Tension

One of the primary reasons for aggravated tummy tuck scarring is because tension on the wound is centralized at the site of the incision. However, the Quill™ device’s unique opposing barbs arranged in a helix pattern lock the tissue into place while distributing tension throughout the length of the wound. Controlled, distributed wound tension means less focused strain on the incision site, which allows the surrounding tissue and skin to experience less direct trauma during the recovery process, minimizing tummy tuck scarring.

Increased Tissue Control

The Quill™ device’s innovative method of locking tissue and skin into place by using barbs of opposing directions allows surgeons better lifting capabilities and increased tissue control. Tummy tuck specialists who use the Quill™ device often claim that the suturing technique allows them better shaping capabilities during surgery, improving the appearance of results.

A Quicker, More Comfortable Recovery

Due to the reduced incision tension made possible by the Quill™ suturing device, tummy tuck patients may be able to experience a quicker, more comfortable recovery as compared to surgeries performed using traditional suturing methods. A more comfortable recovery means that patients may be on their feet sooner, getting back into their day-to-day routine as early as possible. The decreased incision tension may also allow patients to resume an exercise routine more quickly than patients who require more care not to irritate or overstrain the incision.

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