How NOT to Botch Your Pre-Wedding BOTOX® Results

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Pre-Wedding BOTOXNever mind the “til death do us part”, the most important part of your wedding is the quality of the photos you show off on Instagram! Ok, maybe it’s not, but who wants terrible photos doing the rounds on social media? If you’re planning a little BOTOX® to boost your appearance in perhaps the most high-pressure photoshoot of your life, don’t forget to consider how long it’ll take before you see the results. Planning is everything!

Planning Pre-Wedding BOTOX for Best Results

If you’re shelling out for BOTOX before your wedding, don’t make the fatal error of not planning so you’ll see results on time. Too soon and you’ll waste them (although you may have excellent honeymoon photos!) and if you leave too long afterwards, the pre-wedding BOTOX may fade. It’s not quite as simple as popping in to a med spa for 30 minutes the week before.

Do you know how long it’ll take to see BOTOX results? If not, get planning well in advance of your wedding.

Here’s a handy checklist to help you get it right:

  • Plan BOTOX around 5 months in advance: This leaves long enough for you to see results and to top up if you feel you need more
  • Choose your skin care professional wisely. This isn’t the time to go by word of mouth or social media special offers. You want to avoid those BOTOX bandits.
  • Don’t go “experimental”. New BOTOX techniques may seem amazing, but do you really want to risk it right now?

The key to the best BOTOX results for your wedding is working with a reputable, experienced skin care professional, who can prove that they can provide outstanding results. That, and not getting carried away. There are other, less potentially catastrophic, things to be Bridezilla about.


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How NOT to Botch Your Pre-Wedding BOTOX® Results
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How NOT to Botch Your Pre-Wedding BOTOX® Results
Wondering how long before your wedding to have BOTOX so you see results on time? Beauty expert RaveBabe discusses how not to mess it up before your big day.
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