How Much Is Too Much Liposuction before a Big Event?

Woman looking at her mid-section in the mirror.

Woman looking at her mid-section in the mirror.You have a big event coming up and have decided to get a little liposuction done. The questions are, how much should you have done, and can you have too much liposuction?

The answers aren’t quite as simple. Yes, you can have too much liposuction and showing up at an event looking like a totally different person may not be your goal! And, extreme liposuction isn’t safe either. But how much liposuction you can have really depends on your body.

How Much is Too Much Liposuction?

This question is hard to answer. What is good for one person isn’t always good for another. For example, removing 1 liter of fat may be excessive in a person weighing only 105 pounds, but a person weighing 220 could have 4 liters removed without it being excessive. There really is no clear-cut line on how much is too much. It all depends on your body and your weight.

Too Much at Once Can Be Dangerous

Liposuction causes trauma to the body and the more that is removed during a procedure, the more trauma occurs. With more trauma comes the risk of complications. The ASPS guidelines define 5 liters as large-volume liposuction and that amount can contribute to complications.

Consider Multiple Procedures

If you really want that drastic change before a big event, you can consider multiple liposuction procedures spaced out a month or 2 apart. Each procedure can remove a safe amount until you reach your desired goal. Talk with your surgeon and let them know your liposuction goals and they will work with you to create a safe treatment plan in order to achieve your desired look.

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How Much Is Too Much Liposuction before a Big Event?
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How Much Is Too Much Liposuction before a Big Event?
Too much liposuction before a big event can not only shock your friends but can be dangerous. A qualified surgeon will help determine a safe amount of fat to remove.
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