How miraDry® Can Help You Join the Reformed Chronic Sweater Club

woman in sweater with dry armpits

woman in sweater with dry armpitsHands up if you’re already shopping for holiday party outfits. When you’re planning what to wear to your Thanksgiving, Christmas or other celebrations, it’s pretty certain that you’re not hoping for some massive sweat stains to bloom in your underarms. If you are, well, each to their own! If not, miraDry® could well be the answer.

What Is miraDry?

In short, miraDry is an FDA-cleared, minimally-invasive way to save those fancy dresses and silk garments from being totally destroyed by your body’s natural cooling system. Ok, so super-strength antiperspirants and deodorants might help for now, but are white marks on your clothes really any better than sweat stains? They do tend to smell better at least… As an added bonus, you may even end up with a lot less underarm hair to shave. 2 bugbears tackled at once – what’s not to like? Forget other sweat-stopping hacks, miraDry is the way to go.

Say goodbye to sweat stains, nasty odors and the small fortune you currently spend on antiperspirants and deodorant.

How Long Does miraDry Last?

First off, miraDry should only ever be carried out by experienced members of staff at a reputable med spa or board-certified cosmetic surgeon’s clinic. Once an initial consultation has determined that you’re suitable for the treatment, a non-invasive handheld device will be used to apply electromagnetic energy directly into those pesky sweat glands. You may see an improvement after your first session, but you’ll normally need 2 or 3 before you can ditch the deodorant without fear of being the stinky outcast. How long does it last? MiraDry can offer a long-lasting reduction in underarm sweating, although specifics should be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon’s clinic.


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How miraDry® Can Help You Join the Reformed Chronic Sweater Club
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How miraDry® Can Help You Join the Reformed Chronic Sweater Club
Curious about how long miraDry lasts? Beauty expert RaveBabe explains how it may help you stop worrying about sweat stains and less-than-pleasant odors.
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