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How Many Boob Jobs Is Too Many? 11, That’s How Many.

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Boob JobsSometimes it takes more than one shot to get things right. But when it comes to boob jobs, exactly how many is too many? Eleven. Eleven boob jobs is too many boob jobs. That’s exactly how many breast surgeries former glamour model and reality show star Katie Price underwent in just one year, according to the Daily Mail. That’s one boob job every 33 days, in case you were counting. As if you didn’t know already, this is not a good idea. Here’s why.

Why So Many

Katie Price, 38, claims that despite having nearly as many boob jobs as there are months in a single year, she doesn’t have an addiction to surgery. She said on her TLC reality show, ‘Katie Price’s Pony Club,’ that she wanted to have her boobs done yet again to look her best for a polo event

Eleven boob jobs are too many boob jobs.

Why It’s a Terrible Idea

Let’s entertain for a moment the idea that you’re a multi-millionaire with the financial means to change the size of your chest almost a dozen times in the span of a single rotation of the Earth around the sun. Even with all of the money and recovery assistance in the world, having 11 optional surgeries in one year is a terrible idea. With each one, your risk of infection or something going wrong increases.

The psychological impact of being on the operating table and in the recovery room so many times can take its toll as well. While breast augmentation and reduction can have myriad positive benefits on self-esteem and self-image, the American Psychological Association says that cosmetic surgery, especially one that you’re unhappy with, can have a negative impact on your mental health. In patients who were dissatisfied with their results or had unrealistic expectations, doctors noticed an increase in depression and adjustment problems, among other things.

So, if it’s what you want, have a boob job. Have two. But these are surgeries, not Pringles. After a certain point, the fun does stop and repetitive surgeries can be dangerous and unnecessary.

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