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How Long Could You Have SpongeBob SquareBoobs?

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SquareBoobsUnfortunately, SpongeBob SquareBoobs aren’t quite as fun and happy-go-lucky as SpongeBob SquarePants himself, but the good news is that this phenomenon won’t last forever. In case you’re wondering what a squareboob is, exactly, it’s just what it sounds like. They’re square-shaped results that can sometimes happen after a breast augmentation, before your implants have had a chance to settle.

Why Do I Have a Case of the SpongeBob SquareBoobs?

This strange-sounding breast augmentation issue isn’t actually all that strange. Misshapen or square-shaped boobs tend to occur more frequently when your implants are placed in what’s called the “dual plane” position. This involves positioning your breast implants only partially underneath your chest muscle, rather than either completely under or over it.

    As your muscles contract, they can push your implants up into a “riding high” position, while your breast tissue stays “low.”

  The result is an unflattering square shape, but don’t worry, this won’t last forever.

How to Get Round Boobs Back

First and foremost, give your body time to heal and your implants time to “drop and fluff” into their final position. Over the next few months, you should start to see major improvements in the shape of your new breasts.

If you want to try to help the process along, talk to your cosmetic surgeon about displacement exercises and massages that you can perform during your breast augmentation recovery to help speed up your results. There’s also a special post-op bra that you can wear to help counteract the pressure from your chest muscles.

Whatever you do, though, don’t panic. As cartoonish as they might seem, SpongeBob SquareBoobs aren’t the end of the world and are only temporary.

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