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How Geneveve™ Can Put More Spice in Your Sex Life Than Pop Rocks

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better sex lifeJust when we thought we had heard all the weirdest things, someone goes and puts pop rocks in their vagina. As a general rule of thumb, you should not be putting candy or any other kind of food in there. That thing is not a compost heap, for goodness sake. One woman learned this the hard way after a Pop Rocks-related sex injury landed her in the emergency room.

Lamenting Your Long Lost Vaginal Tightness

Please be discretionary when deciding which things should go inside your vagina.

Let’ be honest: you probably enjoy sex less if your vagina is not as tight as it once was. Whether it’s because you feel super self-conscious about it or because things actually don’t feel as good as they should, there’s help. Just keep away from the Pop Rocks (and the Smarties, Lifesavers and, well, hopefully you get the idea by now).This is not going to do anything for your sex life, and it’s going to make for a really awkward doctor visit.

What Does Geneveve Do, Exactly?

Like putting candy in your hoo-ha, Geneveve is entirely nonsurgical. Unlike doing that, Geneveve actually works and will not land you in the ER. Geneveve uses some very cool technology called CMRF (this stands for cooled monopolar radiofrequency) to actually rejuvenate and tone up your vaginal tissues. So, while it might not sound as exciting as putting wasps in your vajayjay, you can be sure it’ll do a heck of a lot more for your sex life.

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How Geneveve™ Can Put More Spice in Your Sex Life Than Pop Rocks
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How Geneveve™ Can Put More Spice in Your Sex Life Than Pop Rocks
Have you been wondering: what does geneveve do? Find out how it tightens you up, along with why you should never put pop rocks in your vajayjay.
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