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How Far Would You Go to Prevent a Saggy Boob Job?

Breast Implants

Saggy Boob JobWe all fear the sag. Whether natural or enhanced, we bet you check in with the girls on a regular basis to make sure they are still riding high and looking good. But what if one day they fail this all-important inspection? What if they look — gasp! — saggy?

When Your Boobs Just Might Hang Low

You’d do just about anything to keep them up there, wouldn’t you? The key phrase there is “just about.” Notice how it isn’t “anything” all by its lonesome. Known for her supersize-me-please, bigger-than-your-head boobs reality TV personality Lacey Wildd took beating back the sag to the extreme. More on that in a minute.

After 12 boob jobs, she plans to go up to size QQQ. You didn’t know that was a size, did you? No shame; we didn’t either. Those babies will weigh 42 pounds together. That’s like carrying five babies strapped to your chest all day every day. Hello, chronic back pain!

Even without hitting the Q range, her triple-L mega boobs weigh 21 pounds total. She can’t sleep on her back without feeling like she’s suffocating. Surgeons had to build an internal bra out of pig skin (!?!) and her own muscle to help support the weight and fight the sag. We’re thinking that when a boob job involves pig skin, it’s probably too far in the anti-sag department.

The Real Deal in Preventing Sag

Don’t let Lacey and her shudder-inducing pig skin bra lead you astray. A board-certified plastic surgeon doesn’t need any help from a pig to create a dream look breast augmentation that complements your figure and keeps you from answering the “how far is too far” question when it comes to sag. The trick is appropriately sized breast implants, friends. Stick to super-sizing your fries, not your boobs.

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