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How Far Would You Go for the Perfect Belfie?

Perfect Belfie

Perfect BelfieWe all remember that moment when, bless her heart, Kim Kardashian was said to have broken the internet with her big juicy booty. Some would say it was the butt that launched a thousand belfies, with men and women the world over scrambling to capture their assets with their smart phones.

Deciphering Belfie Culture

In case I lost you at the mention of “belfie” let me backtrack for a hot sec. A “belfie” is a selfie of your butt, a booty pic to show off your beautiful buns. And if you’ve been living under a rock, cosmetic surgery procedures to augment the butt are big business in recent years. Men and women alike are discovering the merits of supersizing their booties, and American Joey Prixx wins the prize for biggest butt implants.

Biggest Butt Implants

In April of this year, Prixx underwent surgery to receive the largest possible butt implants to obtain the backside of his dreams. Similar in design to breast implants, the silicone butt implants have brought much-desired curves to Prixx’s slender profile, proving that big butts are for everyone and anyone who wants one. No word yet on how Prixx’s belfie game compares with those with more famous derrieres.

Brazilian Butt Lift for the Win

But butt implants aren’t the only way to enhance the rear end.

A Brazilian butt lift can also accentuate your assets, using fat transfer to augment the backside for a shapelier, curvy rump shaker.

And some see the Brazilian butt lift procedure as a win-win, because liposuction is performed on the body in order to harvest fat. That way, you get a big booty and smooth, sleek contours—all the better to show off in your belfie.

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