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How Breast Implants Resolve Asymmetry

Breast Implants

Breast ImplantsWhile gaining a cup size or two is the prime motivator for most  women considering breast augmentation, that’s not the only reason to get implants. Another bonus of getting breast implants is to resolve any asymmetry between the breasts.  Here’s a closer look at how surgery can help.

Evening Out

No woman has perfectly symmetrical breasts, even if the difference between the two breasts isn’t very noticeable. However, in some cases, the difference in sizes may be as much as a cup size or more. This can make women feel very self-conscious about their appearance, not to mention add extra difficulties when it comes to finding bras and bikini tops that actually fit them correctly.

Breast implants can help resolve this type of asymmetry by adding volume to the smaller breast until it is closer to the size and shape of the larger breast. It’s also possible to achieve symmetry by performing a breast reduction on the larger breast, although many women prefer to go larger than smaller when it’s a choice between the two.

Asymmetry can also be resolved as part of a standard breast augmentation in smaller-breasted women whose breasts are visibly uneven, yet want a boost in volume on both sides. In this case, a smaller implant would be used on one side compared to the other to ensure beautiful, symmetrical results.

Although no surgeon can promise total perfection, breast implants can definitely create a more even look for your figure, helping you feel less self-conscious about having asymmetrical breasts.

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