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How Breast Implants Improve Existing Asymmetry

Breast Implants

By Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Breast Implants Almost all women have some degree of asymmetry in their breasts. While this is most often very mild and nearly unnoticeable, the unevenness can sometimes be excessive and warrant surgical intervention. For these patients, breast implants can offer a viable solution.

Deciding on a Goal

In most cases, a comprehensive approach to both breasts will produce the most pleasing outcome. Surgery may consist of augmentation, mastopexy, reduction, or a combination of these procedures. For example, a woman who wants her larger, moderately ptotic left breast to match her smaller right breast with no degree of ptosis may achieve her desired result with an implant for the right breast coupled with mastopexy for the left.

For a patient who wants a look that neither breast initially has, such as an overall larger cup size, different procedures will be required for each breast. The patient may need a lift on one breast, coupled with augmentation on both breasts using differently sized implants. By using a combination of procedures to address each breast individually, a surgeon can create breasts as close to even as possible.

Realistic Expectations

While most breast asymmetry can be addressed surgically to a patient’s satisfaction, women need to keep in mind that complete, absolute symmetry is nearly impossible to attain. Also, patients needing different procedures on each breast to create evenness must accept the probability of variations in scarring between the breasts. For these reasons, managing patient expectations is essential when dealing with correction of breast asymmetry.

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