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How a Neck Lift Can Help You Break Up with Scarves & Turtlenecks

Neck Lift

Neck LiftThe 90s called, and they want their turtlenecks back. If you’re still hiding behind turtlenecks or sweating bullets under scarves in the middle of summer, it might be time to think about getting a neck lift for that turkey neck and leaving the turtlenecks in nostalgia land where they belong.

Seriously, check out these neck lift benefits and how they could land you a whole new wardrobe and the confidence to rock it.

  1. Banish Bands for Good

    If muscle bands on your neck are making you look a little like a turkey, a neck lift could be your new BFF. These bands, called platysmal bands, tend to show up with age and sagging skin. A neck lift can smooth those puppies away, giving you a younger, sleeker look. Adios, turtlenecks!

  2. Break up with Sagging Skin

    A neck lift can also put the kibosh on the sagging skin that’s giving you a double chin and completely camouflaging your jawline.

    And hey, if you’re really feeling saucy, you can pair your neck lift with a facelift for even smoother, more youthful-looking results. While a neck lift can take care of sagging skin and unsightly muscle bands on your neck, a facelift can erase lines, wrinkles and jowls around your mouth and cheek area.

    Part ways with sun spots, uneven skin tone and sagging skin with the help of nonsurgical options like lasers.

  3. Pair with Nonsurgical Options

    Maybe you’re worried about how long your neck lift results will hold up. The good news is that you can pair it with nonsurgical treatments like fillers, laser skin rejuvenation or even fat-melting Kybella™ for enhanced and longer-lasting results.

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How a Neck Lift Can Help You Break Up with Scarves & Turtlenecks
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How a Neck Lift Can Help You Break Up with Scarves & Turtlenecks
Should you get a neck lift for a turkey neck? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe lets you in on a few of the top benefits of this popular facial procedure.
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