Laser Hair Removal

Hobbit Feet, Female Facial Hair and Other Hairy Situations

Hairy Situations

Hairy Situations We don’t want to suggest that body hair is inherently a bad thing—it provides needed insulation during the winter months, after all. However, if you are a woman who’s routinely mistaken for one of the members of ZZ Top, you probably aren’t exactly burning up the Tinder app.

If you’re not pleased with the extremely high level of body hair you naturally produce, you might want to think about permanent solutions. Laser hair removal offers long-lasting results in only a few treatments.

The Lowdown on LHR

Laser hair removal is pretty much what it sounds like: your hair is permanently removed when the high heat and light of a laser is directed upon your individual hair follicles. The process can vary in terms of intensity and length, depending upon the patient’s hair color, but most patients see wonderful results in just a few sessions.

You can have laser hair removal treatments almost anywhere you have unwanted hair. This includes the upper lip, chin, underarms, arms, bikini area, legs and furry little hobbit toes. Men with full beards can have them removed more or less permanently, or even just reduce hair density for finer growth. LHR can also treat chests, stomachs and backs, and a few brave folk have gotten laser hair removal around the sensitive nipple area with fantastic results.

The only tricky thing about laser hair removal is that repeated sessions have to be scheduled to hit each hair’s unique growth cycle until all the hair in the target area has been treated. Since more than one appointment is needed, it’s best to start your LHR treatments ASAP.

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