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Have Your Breasts Fallen and Can’t Get Up?

Breasts Fallen

Breasts Fallen Almost nothing – be it a balloon, a property value, or stock price – will stay aloft forever. Breasts are no different. Eventually, age, gravity, and standard wear and tear will cause deflation of some sort, and we must use whichever tools we have to keep our valuables as perky and youthful as possible. But unlike the value of our stocks, breasts can be raised artificially with very little work and almost no risk of a federal indictment.

Breast Lifts vs. Implants

Now, breast implants have long been the default procedure for several breast issues. They are obviously the go-to for increasing breast size, can enhance breast shape or transform your pear into an hourglass. However, if your breasts are of an optimal (or slightly large) size but are lower than what you consider either comfortable or aesthetically pleasing, breast implants won’t be the appropriate procedure. You’ll need a breast lift.

Breast lifts (or mastopexy procedures) are just the ticket for women who have significant breast volume but less-than-ideal breast positioning. Breast lifts also address the issue of enlarged areolae. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss your best options for breast enhancement Although you might be a good candidate for a breast lift, a breast lift combined with breast implants might give you a superior shape if your breasts are significantly lacking in fullness.

A breast lift is a relatively simple procedure that can yield beautiful, youthful results. Don’t let your breasts continue their downward spiral. And especially don’t let your breasts continue downward if they are, in fact, spiraling – corkscrew shaped breasts are difficult to correct.

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