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Has Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Become the Ultimate Overshare?

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery

Celebrity Cosmetic SurgeryIn a world of Twitter armies, Instagram modeling and social media savvy celebrities, the word “overshare” seems to have lost some meaning. The line between private and public life has steadily blurred for some time now, with celebrities both real and manufactured at the forefront of the “share it all” movement. It never hurts to stop and ask yourself just how much is too much, so let’s take a step back for a second and do just that.

Silly idea, right? Especially with sex tapes being shopped around and celebrities like Farrah Abraham socially sharing new boobs while documenting trips to the cosmetic surgeon. But has celebrity cosmetic surgery become the ultimate overshare?

The Role Model Rub

Think about the kids! Jokes aside, it’s fascinating and at the same time terrifying to think of role models (a term used lightly here), such as Abraham and Kim Kardashian, taking followers who are often teen and pre-teen girls through the waiting room, onto the operating table and up close for a topless post-op look at those new tatas. I imagine middle-aged men aren’t complaining, but can’t you just hear the cries of, “What are you teaching my daughter?” coming from mothers all across the country?

An Unnecessary Peek Behind the Curtain

At the rate we’re going, pretty soon, no one will have skeletons in their closet anymore. What was once off limits and taboo has become front page news and beauty magazine how-to, and our celebrity-stricken culture seems to be just fine with that. Are you someone who overshares? What exactly does it mean to overshare? If you had cosmetic work done, would you immediately take a selfie and share it with the world?

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