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Bad Habits to Ditch Before Plastic Surgery

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Bad Habits to DitchPlastic surgery is amazing because it’s transformational. So it’s a great chance to grab life by the horns and transform your way out of a few bad habits. These are bad habits to ditch before plastic surgery even starts—but as long as you leave them behind at some point, we’re in business.

Think about it this way: we’re paying an awful lot of dinero to transform ourselves. Each one of these bad habits is going to undercut our results and, viola, our investment.

We’ve got you covered, though! We’ve developed a list of a few bad habits that you totally, absolutely, must ditch before your plastic surgery procedure. (And, before you think about it, this goes for stuff like Botox, too—no getting out of this one!)

Habit to Break #1: Smoking

If you’re a smoker—and we’re generally referring to tobacco here, but not exclusively—then it’s time to quit. Strangely enough, there’s some evidence to suggest that plastic surgery is an effective way to get people to stop smoking. Not because there’s any magic to it—but because have to go two weeks without a cigarette before surgery. And at that point, it might be easy enough to stay on that wagon.

There are some really, really good reasons to not smoke around the time we’re going to get plastic surgery:

  • Smoking can decrease the speed of healing
  • Smoking can increase the rate of complications
  • Smoking can diminish the potency of your results

This is especially true because many people get plastic surgery to get rid of wrinkles. And nothing really creates more wrinkles like smoking does. Serioulsy—smoking is probably the single worst habit you can hang on to around your plastic surgery.

Habit to Break #2: Yo-Yoing

There’s a phrase in dieting and exercise circle: yo-yoing. Basically it means that, for a variety of reasons, our weight fluctuates. A lot. If we happen to be caught in one of those vicious dieting cycles, for example, we can see our weight go up and down quite a bit.

But this type of habit is bad for plastic surgery. If we’re getting a procedure like a tummy tuck or liposuction or a breast lift, we’re going to want to be a stable weight. Many surgeons might recommend we be our ideal weight—but that’s not going to be realistic (or even desirable) for all patients.

What’s more important is that our weight not fluctuate overly much. That’s because massive weight gains or weight losses can forever alter the results of our procedures.

Habit to Break #3: Not Listening to Your Surgeon

We know we can be strong headed every once in a while. In fact, usually that’s a good thing. There’s something to be said for being our own advocates, especially when it comes to healthcare.

But there are times when we can take that too far. So here’s the last habit we need to break: not listening to our surgeons’ recovery instructions. In general, these recovery instructions are designed to protect your results and maximize your comfort.

Occasionally, that can mean wearing uncomfortable clothing, such as compression garments. It might also mean avoiding activities such as, well, showering. At least for a little while. The specific instructions will depend on the procedure in question. But it’s important that we actually follow those instructions in order to get the most out of our procedure as possible.

Some Habits Are Hard to Break

Generally, we know that habits can be tough to break. Those days after your plastic surgery procedure happens to be a great time to break those habits because your body is already going through a transformation.

And, obviously, we should always be open and honest with our surgeons about what we’re going through. If we’re quitting smoking only to get our procedure performed, we should be honest about that. We need to be realistic with our surgeons so that they, in turn, can be realistic with us.

Not all of these habits are easy to break, but they will almost always lead to better results in the long run. We just have to wrap our heads around that! But remember, plastic surgery is supposed to be transformational. If we can ditch these bad habits before plastic surgery commences, we’ll be in much better shape!

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Bad Habits to Ditch Before Plastic Surgery
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Bad Habits to Ditch Before Plastic Surgery
There are plenty of bad habits to ditch before plastic surgery—including smoking! We help you figure out which habits you can break around your surgery.
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