Giving the Gift of… Liposuction?


Woman in underwear holding christmas gift

When the holidays or a special someone’s birthday comes round, getting the right gift can be a real head-scratcher. Whether you’re trying to decide what to get for the girl or guy who has everything or how exactly to wrap the package, a new question in gift-giving etiquette has emerged. Is it okay to gift someone liposuction?

Tread Lightly

If the topic has come up between you and a loved one and it’s pretty clear that it would be a bonus for them to get liposuction, chances are good that it could be the present of the year for them. Liposuction is a transformative body contouring procedure that targets diet and exercise resistant fat. These stubborn pockets of fat can be a big source of frustration for those who have tried long and hard to lose weight.

Liposuction can eliminate otherwise intractable fat and smooth contours for a sleeker, leaner physique. Ideal candidates for the procedure are healthy adults at or close to their optimal weight.

Put a Bow on It

If you decide to go the route of gifting cosmetic surgery to a friend or family member, make sure that your gift is in good hands. This means selecting a skilled, experienced board certified plastic surgeon to do the job. If you decide to treat yourself to liposuction, the same standards apply.

It’s not advisable, however, to recommend liposuction to someone out of thin air. Body image is a delicate topic for the vast majority of us. Unless a loved one has asked for your opinion as to how they can handle their trouble spots, you should definitely shop for something other than lipo. Even an ugly sweater is better than the suggestion that someone could use a little nip and tuck.

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