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Girl, Those TikTok Beauty Hacks Are Doing You Very Wrong

RaveBabe - TikTok Beauty Tips - Nov 2021

RaveBabe - TikTok Beauty Tips - Nov 2021Ah, TikTok: great for funny videos and passing the time, not so great for professional skincare advice. For real, though, you’ve probably seen more than one of these so-called beauty hacks on social media, but that certainly doesn’t give them a free pass as safe or effective. 

Take a look at some of the most popular TikTok beauty trends to totally skip, and the best med spa treatments to try instead if you want actual results and no skin damage.

Skip: Sunscreen Contouring

Why use makeup to contour your face when you could rely on good old-fashioned sunshine and sun damage, am I right? Wrong! 

Try sunscreen contouring today, see more lines, wrinkles and dark spots tomorrow.

In case you haven’t heard of this one, apparently some TikTokkers are applying sunscreen to their faces, but only on the parts that they want to be highlighted, leaving the rest to tan in the sun, creating a contour effect. 

So what’s the problem with this? They’re forgetting that sunscreen serves a kind of really important purpose to protect the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, so leaving it off half of their face is setting their skin up for sun damage. Besides, is a basic contouring palette that expensive? 

Skip: Sandpaper Shaving

Insert the world’s biggest eye roll here. Sandpaper shaving is exactly what it sounds like: using actual sandpaper to shave your legs instead of picking up a 99¢ razor and some shaving cream. Sure, sandpaper will probably remove some hair from your legs, but it’ll also remove some skin. This process can do some serious damage, causing infection, hyperpigmentation and scarring. 

Skip: At-Home Microneedling

TikTokers are in love with at-home microneedling lately, but your skin totally isn’t. Microneedling has been around long before TikTok jumped on the bandwagon, but it was meant to be performed by a professional in a clean environment, not in your bathroom. Sorry, not sorry. 

Let’s take a step back to think about what microneedling actually does. It uses very tiny needles to create small injuries in your skin, which causes your skin to begin its natural healing process and renew your complexion. Performed incorrectly or in a dirty environment, this spells disaster for your skin. Please, people, leave the professional skin treatments to the professionals!

Med Spa Treatments to Try Instead

So what’s a girl to do if she can’t get her at-home beauty hacks from TikTok? Head to a trusted med spa, honey, and treat your skin like it deserves to be treated! 

Instead of slathering on sunscreen contouring (and a whole lotta sun damage), book a relaxing HydraFacial® to give your skin a glow-up.

Instead of sandpaper shaving, book a laser hair removal consultation and see how easy it can be to not be bothered with shaving (of any kind) ever again.

Instead of poking yourself with needles at home, book a professional microneedling treatment at your local med spa and reap all the anti-aging benefits without the gnarly risks.

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Girl, Those TikTok Beauty Hacks Are Doing You Very Wrong
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Girl, Those TikTok Beauty Hacks Are Doing You Very Wrong
These three TikTok beauty trends are worth skipping for sure, but beauty blogger RaveBabe shares some of the best med spa treatments to try instead.
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