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Getting Your New Breast Implants to Play Nice at the Gym

New Breast Implants

New Breast Implants If you’re less than thrilled with the hand you’ve been dealt at Mother Nature’s boob table, you might be considering breast enhancement surgery as your best option. But wait—does getting breast implants mean you’ll have to give up your beloved CrossFit training? Perish the thought!

The key to exercising after getting breast implants isn’t to admit defeat by staying home and binge-watching Netflix. Instead, slap on a sports bra and throw on some athletic leggings (after you’re fully healed form surgery, of course)… it’s time to head to the gym! Here’s what you have to do to keep your ladies from laying down:

Work Your Pecs

The major and minor pectoral muscles sit behind the breasts, and can (if toned and developed) help to keep them front and center. What better way to accentuate your busty new look?

Tone the Upper Arms

Having gunshow-worthy upper arms and shoulders can help create a natural V-shape, which will balance the silhouette and even promote more curviness.

Strengthen the Abs

Killer abs not only look great, they help with posture. Tight, strong abdominal muscles help take pressure off your lower back, draw your spine into correct alignment, and help you to display your rack proudly and naturally.

Maintain Body Weight

Weight fluctuations can cause skin and breast tissue to loosen and eventually sag. Make sure that you don’t allow your weight to slide all over the scale if you want your breasts to stay in the upright position for as long as possible.

Breast implants can be fantastic, but a little natural body sculpting never hurt anyone. The right exercises can keep your new boobs looking firm and perky for years to come.

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