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Get Your Best Game Face for Your Next Big Event

Facial Rejuvenation - RaveBabe - Pugao - Oct2021`

Facial Rejuvenation - RaveBabe - Pugao - Oct2021`We all want to look our best at our big events. Weddings. Graduations. Retirement parties.

Our ex’s funeral.

But unless you are one of the lucky few, looking your best means getting a boost from your local med spa or an expert plastic surgeon. And dressing to impress starts with your face.

Not Sure Where to Begin? I Got You.

First of all, unless your event is unexpected and coming up quickly (RIP, boy), you’re going to want to start months in advance. In fact, if you are considering surgery, 12 months is ideal. This is because residual swelling can hang around for a LONG time after a nose job, brow lift or facelift. Getting a surgical procedure three months before your wedding just means you’ll look puffy in your photos.

As for the med spa side? It depends on the treatments you are interested in. Some have no recovery period at all, while others cause skin peeling that can take weeks to resolve. So, research the treatments that interest you, find out the typical recovery period, pad that with at least a few weeks and schedule based on this.

A Basic Guide for Scheduling Your Procedures

Facial Plastic Surgeries

As stated above, for anything surgical schedule about 12 months out from your big event. However, there is some degree of wiggle room in this. For example, eyelid surgery tends to heal quickly, while rhinoplasty tends to have residual swelling in the tip of the nose for a year.

Something to think about with facial plastic surgery before a wedding or other big event is the stress of planning. Adding recovery to the mix can make things too difficult on you. Even if your surgery of choice has a quick recovery period, don’t schedule too close to the big day.

Multi-Appointment Med Spa Procedures

Remember that some med spa treatments require multiple applications.

Some med spa procedures require multiple appointments spaced weeks apart to see results. One example of this is Kybella, an injectable that helps eliminate fat deposits in the chin. Most people need 2-3 applications 4-6 weeks apart. So, you need to factor in that timeline plus the recovery period, which can be several weeks.

Laser Skin Resurfacing and Chemical Peels

With these treatments, the skin will turn red, often becomes swollen and then peels away, leaving the fresher skin underneath showing. This can help eliminate everything from fine lines to discoloration. However, it can take a few weeks before the skin looks normal again. Since the results tend to last a while, it is a good idea to get these 6-8 weeks before the big day.

BOTOX and Other Injectables

With BOTOX and dermal fillers, you have about 3-6 months where the results are visible. However, directly after application, there is sometimes bruising and swelling. This can last up to a couple of weeks.

In addition to this, with fillers, there is the risk that you won’t like the results and will want to get them dissolved. This can once again cause bruising and swelling. So, for the most flexibility when it comes to your look, schedule injectables about two months out from your event.

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Get Your Best Game Face for Your Next Big Event
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Get Your Best Game Face for Your Next Big Event
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