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Get You Some Fillers & a Boob Job for Really Good Boob Days

Boob Job

Boob JobEver wonder how Kendall Jenner seems to have perpetually perky nipples, no matter what she wears or what the temp is outside? It’s not that she has superhuman boobs—her secret is nipple fillers.

Should You Get a Breast Augmentation & Filler Combo?

In case you haven’t seen the selfies of Kendall’s self-proclaimed “good boob days,” the model has a way of showing off her perky nipples all over social media, and even several times at the Cannes Film Festival.

But she has a little secret behind these bomb boob days that you might not realize, and they’re called hyaluronic acid fillers. Yup, the same stuff you get injected into your face to erase wrinkles or to plump up your lips. Only Kendall’s getting it injected right into her nipples so they’re always standing at attention.

The problem is that nipple injections can leave you unable to breastfeed or feel sensation in your nipples. Plus, the effects of HA fillers don’t last forever, so you’ll have to pay upwards of $700 every year or so to keep the same Madonna-esque pointers.

Or, Ditch the Nipple Thing and Just Get a BA + Breast Lift

Instead of designer nipples, how about tack on a breast lift to your boob job and call it a day?

If you’re not into sticking needles in your nipples, you could just try a boob job/breast lift combo and get actual results that’ll still help you strut your perky stuff. Even better still, you can enjoy your same lovely results for years without having to touch-up anything, unlike the designer nipple filler trend.

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Get You Some Fillers & a Boob Job for Really Good Boob Days
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Get You Some Fillers & a Boob Job for Really Good Boob Days
Thinking about trying a trendy breast augmentation combination procedure? RaveBabe warns against nipple fillers, but has a better suggestion instead.
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