Get Thee to the Gym! CoolSculpting® Won’t Prevent Weight Gain

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CoolSculptingCoolSculpting® will not magically make you immune to weight gain. Nothing does that. Sorry. The truth is that people who have had CoolSculpting can gain weight back just the same way anyone else gains unwanted weight. So while you won’t be seeing the fat cells destroyed during CoolSculpting again, other fat could show up to take their place (fat is very rude this way). It’s your job to prevent weight gain from happening.

CoolSculpting kills fat cells and can be done on your lunch hour which is, well, pretty cool.

Avoiding Weight Gain after CoolSculpting Is Up to You

You can’t expect to maintain your killer CoolSculpting results without putting in a little work. Get yourself a gym membership and get moving. You have to eat a balanced diet, too, of course. This doesn’t mean you have to trade in your steak dinners for kale smoothies. Just swap those carborific fries for steamed veggies or upgrade your lunchtime soda to lemon water. (Also, everyone agrees that it’s okay to have salty fries and soda once in a while.)

Think of CoolSculpting as the Start of Your New Lifestyle

If you struggle to find inspiration to work out or eat the right foods, CoolSculpting might just give you the swift kick in the you-know-where that you need to get on track. You won’t just have the opportunity to show off your CoolSculpting results in that sexy new (and possibly overpriced) fitness wear. You’ll also be protecting your investment by hanging the ‘no vacancy’ sign for those wayward fat cells who would love to take up residence in your thighs.


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Get Thee to the Gym! CoolSculpting Won't Prevent Weight Gain
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Get Thee to the Gym! CoolSculpting Won't Prevent Weight Gain
Wondering about how to prevent weight gain after CoolSculpting? Beauty blogger RaveBabe shares tips on keeping the fat away after having CoolSculpting done.
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