Get Fat, or Get a Facelift?

Get a Facelift

It’s true, sometimes a bit of Get a Facelift baby fat can give our faces a youthful appearance. Of course, so can acne, braces and “mall bangs.” Some things might be just too steep a price to pay for the illusion of youth.

Recently, comedian Whitney Cummings revealed that a 25 lb. weight gain resulted in a plumper, younger-looking face, much to the alarm of the entire entertainment industry. In Ms. Cummings’ case, her pre-weight loss weight might have been a bit too skinny, so some extra padding wasn’t a health or body shape compromise. For the rest of us, however, gaining 25 lbs. would probably push us into the category of officially overweight. So, what options are left?

The Fountain of Youth

When it comes to making our faces appear more youthful, we might immediately think “facelift.” But a facelift isn’t our only option (surgical or otherwise), nor is it necessarily the best choice for everyone. A facelift addresses considerable skin sagging through the lower face, but won’t re-plump your cheeks.

For some candidates, a facelift might be appropriate combined with dermal fillers to add strategically-placed fullness, but if your facial aging issues could be better corrected by eating a few Big Macs, we say hit the drive-thru. The best facelift results are the ones that actually make you look naturally refreshed, not like you’re still an old person who’s had a facelift. Talk to your plastic surgeon about the best options for your particular situation and goals to see whether saggy skin or the loss of your rosy cupid cheeks is the culprit behind your appearance concerns.

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