Breast Lift

Get Back the Killer Rack You Had in College

Killer Rack

Killer Rack When it comes to keeping us firmly adhered to the earth’s surface, we have no better friend than gravity. However, when it comes to our boobs, gravity just turns its fickle back and lets ‘em fall. But we don’t have to yield to the inevitable boob droop that comes with growing older—we can fight! Here are a few tips that can help keep the girls as gravity-defiant as Superman.

Stop Smoking

Is there any part of the body that smoking doesn’t ruin? In addition to being fatal, smoking destroys collagen and inhibits blood supply to the skin, making it less resistant to stretching. What this means in terms of your breasts is the development of serious sagging way too early.

Exercise with Support

If you work out regularly and notice that your maracas are doing some serious shaking, invest in a better sports bra. You could be damaging the collagen in your breasts, making them vulnerable to stretching and droopiness.

Get a Decent Bra

The same principles of physics that apply when exercising without a bra are just as true when you’re out running errands. If your everyday bras are letting your boobs drop, then drop them in favor of some real support instead.

Get a Breast Lift

If your breasts have fallen beyond what even push-up bras can fix, you might consider surgical enhancement. A breast lift can raise and firm the breasts, while a breast lift with augmentation will add volume, if needed.

Just remember that the benefits of surgery only last as long as the maintenance, so keep yourself healthy and fit. If you go right back to smoking while running marathons bra-less, don’t blame us when your fantastic breast lift turns into a great big pancake-shaped bust.

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