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Friends Don’t Let Friends Get a Boob Job from a Dentist

Female dentist with white mask and blue gloves holding up dental utensils.

Female dentist with white mask and blue gloves holding up dental utensils.When it comes to finding the best deal on a new dress or the best restaurant for a dinner out with friends, you rely on sales tactics and finding the best deal. However, this isn’t the way to go about finding a surgeon for your breast augmentation. Following a few easy tips can help you find the perfect surgeon that you feel comfortable with. You wouldn’t let a friend get a sketchy boob job, so don’t let it happen to you.

Research Local Surgeons in Your Area

Finding the perfect surgeon for your breast augmentation begins with research. Talk with friends or family members that have had breast augmentation and get their opinions on the surgeon. Once you find a couple surgeons in your area, start really looking at each one. See what their credentials are. Do they perform breast augmentation on a regular basis? Look at online sites that offer reviews on surgeons, such as RealSelf. Read the reviews and look for those surgeons with the highest reviews for breast augmentation.

Book Consultations with Multiple Surgeons

While you may get lucky and find the perfect surgeon with your first consultation, it is still a good idea to meet with a couple of surgeons before making your final choice. While someone may rave about a doctor, you may not mesh well with their personality and you want to feel comfortable with the surgeon doing your procedure. Look for a surgeon that listens to you and answers your questions.

Bring a Trusted Friend to Your Consultations

When you go shopping for a dress for a special occasion, you often bring your trusted friend along to help you decide. A surgical consultation is no different. You are about to decide on the perfect breast implants and the surgeon that will perform the procedure. Bringing a trusted friend will give you encouragement and opinions on the doctor and your choices. Consultations can also be overwhelming so having someone with you that can help remember key points and additional questions is a bonus.

Ask Lots of Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions when it comes to your consultation and your surgeon. This is your body and you need to feel comfortable with your decisions. Ask how often they perform breast augmentations. Go over what you can expect from the procedure and your recovery. No question is to simple or stupid.

Closely Examine Before and After Photos

During a consultation, ask to see before and after photos. Look for women with similar body styles to yours and similar breast size changes. This can help you see what you can expect and if the surgeon will be able to meet your goals.

No matter what, you must remember that choosing a surgeon is a unique experience. You want to find someone you mesh well with and someone that makes you feel comfortable about the procedure they will perform. Breast augmentation is a big decision and you want to feel comfortable with every part of it and that starts with your surgeon.

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Get a Boob Job from a Dentist
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Friends Don’t Let Friends Get a Boob Job from a Dentist
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