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Friend, Your Selfies Are Lying about Your Nose

selfie makes my nose look big

selfie makes my nose look bigBefore you freak out about the way your selfies seem to always turn out, there’s something you should know. Turns out, that crazy up-close-and-personal camera angle you’re using to snap the perfect selfie is making you look like you have a huge honker.

So if you’ve been tossing around your nose job options so you can take a better selfie, you might want to put just a little more thought into that decision first.

DoYou Need a New Nose or a Selfie Stick?

Oddly enough, there have been real research studies on the subject of selfies and nose size. What researchers found was that the angle and close proximity to your face of your phone’s camera actually distort your facial features and usually make your nose look lots bigger than it is.

There seems to be a sweet spot of around five feet away that makes this distortion disappear. Apparently this is a secret that professional photographers have known since practically the dawn of time, yet this is the first we’re hearing about it.

Don’t love the way your nose looks in your selfies? Grab a selfie stick and try snapping the pic from farther away.

What a Nose Job Can Do for You

This isn’t to say that no one should ever get a nose job. In fact, rhinoplasty is still one of the most popular plastic surgeries around and can correct asymmetry, breathing problems, shape and, yes, change the size of your nose.

But what this research does show is that before you take drastic measures to change your appearance to up your selfie game and get a better nose, you might want to step back and look in the mirror — literally.


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Friend, Your Selfies Are Lying about Your Nose
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Friend, Your Selfies Are Lying about Your Nose
Tossing around your nose job options to snap a better selfie? RaveBabe warns that it could be your camera angle playing tricks on you and not your actual nose.
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