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Friend, Why Are You Working Hard When You Could Just Get EMSCULPT®?


EMSCULPTEver feel like your workouts never quite get you the results you work so hard for, no matter how hard you try? Well here’s a little secret: you don’t have to work so hard anymore. There’s a brand-spanking-new treatment called EMSCULPT® that’ll have you loving your bangin’ bod in practically no time at all.

Still a little skeptical? Here are the straight-up answers to three of your burning EMSCULPT FAQs.

What Makes EMSCULPT Different, Anyway?

Sure, there are other nonsurgical body contouring devices on the market. So what’s so special about EMSCULPT, you ask? Rather than just targeting pesky fat cells, it actually works out your muscles in a way that you physically CAN’T at the gym.

EMSCULPT uses something super fancy called high-intensity focused electromagnetic field technology to literally make your muscles contract, but super fast. So you get stronger muscles and fat loss at the same time.

But Does EMSCULPT Really Work?

EMSCULPT has a 96 percent satisfaction rate, so it must be doing something right. Like other body contouring devices, EMSCULPT isn’t going to magically make you lose hundreds of pounds. But what it can do is fine-tune your workout results in a seriously amazing way.

In four 30-minute sessions, you could get results that would take hours upon hours in the gym.

Is There Downtime?

Nope! One of the beauties of EMSCULPT is that it’s a noninvasive treatment, so you won’t have to take any time off work for recovery. You might feel like you just had a super intense workout, because you sorta did, but you should be able to bounce right back to your daily routine.


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Friend, Why Are You Working Hard When You Could Just Get EMSCULPT®?
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Friend, Why Are You Working Hard When You Could Just Get EMSCULPT®?
Looking for the answers to some of your EMSCULPT FAQs? Lucky for you, plastic surgery personality RaveBabe has the inside scoop and is happy to share it.
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