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For Sleeker Labia, Just Ask for the Barbie Treatment

Sleeker Labia

Sleeker LabiaWhile labiaplasty isn’t exactly new, a more modern take has been growing in popularity. The procedure, affectionately referred to as the “Barbie,” takes the idea behind labia reduction one step further. Before you request the sleek, smooth finish for which the Barbie is known, here’s what you need to know.

More than Just a “Trim”

While most labiaplasty focuses on reducing the labia minora, the inner lips near the vaginal opening, the Barbie looks to conceal or amputate the inner labia entirely. Standard procedures bring the size of the labia minora down to about a centimeter and focuses on creating an even, proportionate result. The Barbie aims for a completely smooth look reminiscent of the eponymous plastic doll.

    Labiaplasty vs. the “Barbie” is like the difference between getting your bangs trimmed and shaving your head. Only permanent.

There Can Be More Risk

The extreme nature of the Barbie combined with the growing popularity of cosmetic gynecology in general can lead to the procedure being performed by a less-than-skilled surgeon for less-than-favorable results.

And those less favorable results, which can result in functional and cosmetic issues, are difficult, if not impossible, to repair. This makes seeing a board certified plastic surgeon essential for anyone considering labiaplasty surgery.

Be Aware of the Cost

While some labia reduction procedures are done to relieve physical discomfort, such as friction during sex or exercise directly attributed to a larger labia minora, many women consider this procedure for purely aesthetic reasons. While the procedure sounds simple at its core, labiaplasty is highly delicate and complex; saving a buck or two shouldn’t be your top priority here.

If you opt for labiaplasty, go legit: choose a board certified plastic surgeon, and know that real plastic surgeons cost real money. Beware, O reader, the back alley labiaplasty.

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