For Best Results, Avoid BOTOX® Bandits

shhh don't tell

BOTOXBeware the BOTOX® bandit! No, it’s not a masked villain running around stealing all the BOTOX®, but BOTOX® bandits are actually real, and they are also kind of scary. Here’s what they are and how to spot them.

Shady People Are Everywhere

Where there are people with money, there are beady-eyed bandits waiting in the shadows to take it from them. It’s nothing new. Con-men (and women) have long duped unsuspecting people by selling counterfeit goods, from fake diamonds to one-off watches. It’s buyer beware out there, even when it comes to med spa treatments.

What This Has to Do with BOTOX®

Since BOTOX ® is so amazing, lots of people want it. Unscrupulous people take advantage of this demand by selling diluted or otherwise compromised versions of these products. A good rule of thumb is never to buy discount BOTOX®. At best, you could end up paying for something that has little or no effect. At worse, you could be injecting some kind of horrible substance directly into your skin.

You wouldn’t buy your haircare products from a nervous looking guy in a dark alley, so why would you buy something like BOTOX® from anybody that seems less than totally legit?

How to Spot a BOTOX® Bandit

First and foremost, only get your treatments done by a qualified plastic surgeon who knows their BOTOX® from their fillers and is board certified. And those “BOTOX® parties?” Avoid, avoid, avoid. Tell them you have to wash your cat. Tell them something, anything, to get out of it. You may even want to warn these partygoers about the crazy-dangerous risk they’re about to take by randomly injecting who-knows-what into their actual faces. There are some things you just shouldn’t try at home. BOTOX ® is one of them.

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