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Finally, Saline Breast Implants that Feel Amazing`

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Brunette in Lingerie on BedLet’s be honest, saline implants have pretty much played the role of the proverbial redheaded stepchild in the world of breast augmentation, with their silicone counterpart kicking their butt each year in the implant popularity contest. But as Bob Dylan used to say, times they are a-changin’. A new type of saline implant is shattering stereotypes and giving silicone a run for its money.

The New Kid in Town

The revolutionary IDEAL IMPLANT® is a saline implant that directly improves some of the perceived downsides that saline has presented in the past. The IDEAL IMPLANT® features a new kind of shell, composed of several, nested layers that dramatically reduce the likelihood of rippling, which has been seen as one of the biggest negatives of saline implants. This patented nested shell also creates a more natural movement for the saline inside the implant, giving you implants thatlook and feel more natural.

Say Sionara to Silent Ruptures

One of the advantages that saline implants have held over silicone is that there’s no chance of having a leak or rupture go undetected. When a saline implant fails, you’ll know it because, well, you’ll look funny naked.

Silicone implants do not drain when the outer shell is compromised because of the cohesive nature of the gel inside which means that you could have a failed implant and not even know it. Many women are uncomfortable with not being able to know for sure that their implants are intact, and an MRI to confirm the integrity of silicone implants is very expensive.

Because the IDEAL IMPLANT® is filled with saline, it offers the peace of mind of knowing you won’t have a silent rupture and delivers the softness that traditionally could only be achieve with silicone.

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