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Fillers Can’t Remake Your Penis But You Do Have Options, Friend

Male enhancement options concept. Man smiling while posing in front of a urban city window display.

Male enhancement options concept. Man smiling while posing in front of a urban city window display.Fillers have been known to work cosmetic magic, but they unfortunately do have their limitations. While they can give you a boost in the girth department, dermal fillers might fall short for other penis enhancement items on your wish list.

The good news is that there are other male enhancement options that can address your manhood woes and get you feeling more confident and comfortable in the bedroom.

Penis Enhancement

The cat is out of the bag, fellas: size does matter. But it’s not just your intimate partners who could benefit from a little girth growth, if you know what I mean. Lots of men find that penis enhancement gives them the boost of self-confidence they’ve been missing out on in the bedroom and even when wearing bathing suits and other tight-fitting clothing.

Injectable treatments can help to increase the thickness of your penis, although they unfortunately won’t be able to change its length or magically make your foreskin reappear. But if it’s a size increase you’re after, know that there are minimally invasive injectable male enhancement options that can leave you—and your partner—weak in the knees.

Penile Corrective Treatments

This one is sort of an umbrella term that encompasses a range of male enhancement issues. Whether you’re bothered by a curve down there, webbing between the boys or issues related to circumcision, there could be a corrective treatment that’s perfectly suited for your needs.

A couple of common options include:

  • Injectable treatments to address significant curvature, smooth away scar tissue or to enhance the overall thickness of your goods
  • Surgical intervention to address scrotal webbing, more severe scar tissue or other cosmetic problems due to a previous procedure
  • Skin grafting to address severe results of injury, such as burns or trauma

Testosterone Replacement

Have a constant case of brain fog and a dry spell in the bedroom? It could be low testosterone.

Has testosterone parted ways with you, leaving without explanation, given you the old “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse and said sayonara? In all seriousness, low testosterone can account for a number of problems between the sheets and in your day-to-day life. As men age, the amount of testosterone naturally present in their bodies gradually drops, which can result in low sex drive, lower energy levels and mood changes.

There are many forms of testosterone replacement therapy, including injectable options that can last up to five months. HCG injections can also help to correct loss of testicle size, which is another common side effect of low T.

ED Treatments

You’ve seen the countless commercials and spammy emails for miracle pills that claim to instantly correct ED. But the truth is, there’s not a “one size fits all” treatment for this common condition. Various oral medications, injections, low intensity shock wave therapy and other options can work in conjunction with one another to give you the best results for, well, you. Don’t rely on midnight infomercial “magic” pills that don’t take your unique needs into account.


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Fillers Can’t Remake Your Penis But You Do Have Options, Friend
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Fillers Can’t Remake Your Penis But You Do Have Options, Friend
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