Famous Hourglass Figures that Turned Heads Through History

small waist sandwiched

small waist sandwiched Ah, the improbably small waist sandwiched between a wondrous set of ta-tas and the J-Lo backside. Although we can’t all be so lucky in our curves, the artistry of your friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon can certainly help bring out your inner wasp-waisted vixen.

Mae West

This outspoken diva melted the hearts of Americans as she rocked a range of roles, from actress and singer to playwright and screenwriter. Known for her amazing cleavage, it’s easy to see why she coined the phrase, “Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

For a Mae West look, go big on breast implants or go home. Lipo can help taper your thighs and waist, but this lady’s all about the boobies.

Marilyn Monroe

The illustrious Norma Jean was so stunning that even Elton John had a thing for her. She famously dipped her 36Ds into the wet cement of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, forever consecrating her signature look.

Along with her iconic blonde hair and sexy pout, Monroe’s image was characterized by generous breasts and a freakishly slim waist. In today’s world, that means grabbing a high-profile implant boost before trimming down those love handles with the glorious suction power of lipo.


Beyoncé’s all about the grrrl power, even if her sex symbol status continues to rise in equal measure. More and more viewers are wooed by her charms, whether that means impressive dance moves or an impressively voluptuous figure.

For a Beyoncé look, shop around for moderate-profile breast implants, and then either hit the gym big time for a thigh and buttock lift to bring out the rock hard toning and curves of her backside. You don’t want to skimp on that booty-licious-ness.

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