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Facelifts Have Really Gone to the Dogs


dogWhat’s not to love about a big wrinkly-faced dog, aside from maybe a lot of drool? As it turns out, those wrinkles could be cause for some serious vision problems for breeds like the Shar Pei, who are known for their layers of floppy wrinkles, especially around their faces. For some pooches, those loveable wrinkles can impact the dogs’ eyesight so severely that one woman has launched a campaign to fund much-needed doggy facelifts.

Wrinkles in the Way

Sarah Sanderson launched a crowd funding campaign to help improve the quality of life of her foster Shar Pei, Honey. Honey’s wrinkles cover her eyes so badly that she can barely see without tilting her head backwards so the loose skin flops away from her face. Because of her lack of eyesight, Honey is terrified of other dogs, people and going for walks — all things that she should be able to enjoy.

Facelift to the Rescue

Sanderson, who has set up Wrinkles Rescue Yorkshire specifically to help neglected Shar Peis, knows that a facelift will give Honey a much better life. Facelift procedures for dogs can actually be just as varied as the many facelifts options for humans, ranging from a relatively simple eyelid tacking to a more involved surgery that would trim away excess skin.

In much the same way that a plastic surgeon might perform a facelift on a human, Honey’s facelift would work to reduce her loose, sagging skin and thus cause the remaining skin to lift away from her eyes. Thanks to her foster mom’s fundraising efforts, Honey will be available for adoption to her forever home following her doggy facelift.

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