Boob Jobs

Even Dear Abby Knows What’s Up with Breast Implants

Woman covering breast

Woman covering breastWho would have thought that a stalwart advice columnist could be so progressive about boob jobs? Yet in answering this question about breast implants, Dear Abby gave body-positive advice that surprised her audience.

Of course, she’s right—breast implants are extremely personal, and if you’re an adult, you should be able to make whatever decisions about your body that you want. (Except if you want this look, then we feel the state should intervene.)

Why Get Breast Implants?

The answer should be because you want them. Not your husband, not your boyfriend, not (heaven forbid) your boss. If you feel pressured to surgically alter your body, you should definitely think twice before proceeding. Changing yourself for the benefit of others is never a good idea. Just ask Scott Thorson.

Feeling Good about Yourself

Cosmetic surgery can a fantastic tool for helping you bring out the best in your body, but it’s only a tool. Breast augmentation isn’t a magic wand; it won’t automatically give you the life you think you deserve. Implants only give you a bigger cup size.

On the other hand, getting a boob job isn’t the sign of some psychological imbalance, either. Naturally, there will always be people who feel as though there is something wrong with you if you aren’t completely comfortable with every facet of your body the way it is. Which is why absolutely no one has ever had a gym membership or gone on the South Beach diet.

Do what you need to do to make yourself feel good. That’s never as simple as it sounds, but give yourself time to think about every option available to you. And if you wind up with a bangin’ new rack, then so much the better!

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