Even Camels Are Getting BOTOX® to Look Prettier

camel botox

camel botoxBetcha never knew that camels could get BOTOX®, or that there’s a beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia dedicated to scoping out the prettiest camel of the year. If you can believe those two tidbits, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise that giving your beauty pageant camel BOTOX probably isn’t going to end well for either party.

Beauty Pageant Dropouts

Twelve camels were disqualified from this year’s camel beauty contest for having BOTOX injections to make their faces look more beautiful. As if camels aren’t already pretty enough. Plus, some of the camels even had plastic surgery to make their ears smaller so their heads would look bigger and better.

The contest, which is part of the annual King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in Rumah, Saudi Arabia, offers a cushy prize of over $30 million for pageant winners. So BOTOXing your prized camel is apparently akin to pro athletes taking performance-enhancing drugs.

BOTOX Benefits…for Humans

Save the BOTOX for yourself! Your camel looks just fine.

Ok, so it’s pretty clear for obvious reasons that you should probably stay away from giving your camel BOTOX. But if you’re looking for a prettier face or even other lesser-known BOTOX benefits, this popular injectable treatment could make much more sense.

Aside from temporarily smoothing away expression lines and wrinkles, BOTOX can also help to treat migraines, excessive sweating, a drooping brow and even eye twitching. Just remember that you need to work with a trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon, even though BOTOX injections are a relatively quick procedure.


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Even Camels Are Getting BOTOX® to Look Prettier
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Even Camels Are Getting BOTOX® to Look Prettier
RaveBabe explains some of the benefits of getting BOTOX, but also warns against entering your prized camel in a beauty contest if he’s had some injections.
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