Ethnic Nose Surgery: Utter Betrayal of Your Entire Heritage?

Ethnic Nose Surgery

Ethnic Nose Surgery Any kind of cosmetic procedure is an utter betrayal of something. If you have breast enhancement, you’re turning your back on the small-boobed lobby. If you have a facelift, you’re abandoning your wrinkly peers. If you have liposuction, you’re making the muffin-topped population just a little bit lonelier. Why aren’t all people who have had plastic surgery shunned as traitors to their original niches? Could it be because doing so would be the most ridiculous thing on Earth? Right. Yet we don’t give a free pass to those considering ethnic nose surgery. Instead, we jump on the “How could you?!” bandwagon.

Pretty Fly for a White Nose

We’re not professors of ethnic studies or anything, but we’ll hazard a guess that most non-white people who’ve had rhinoplasty didn’t immediately change their names to Astrid Sorensen and try to pass themselves off as Norwegian. And yet, it’s commonly assumed that people of color who want a facial feature cosmetically enhanced are automatically attempting to sculpt their appearance into Caucasian lines. That’s not an ethnocentric assumption. At ALL.

It’s pretty darned unfair to think that we’re at the mercy of a highly arbitrary value system regarding physical attractiveness. Some generations like voluptuous women, others like very slim figures; one generation valued round cheeks and Cupid’s bow mouths, the next demanded sharp cheekbones and plump lips. So can’t the answer be as simple as wanting to adjust your nose shape so that you feel better about your appearance? As easy as you just plain wanna look and feel your best, and that nose job is what’s gonna help you get there? Let’s all work on that far less judgmental interpretation, shall we?

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