Don’t Love Your Resting Angry Face? Here’s 3 Fixes

Angry Face

Angry FaceAnyone ask why you look angry ALL the time? Then you may be a victim of a condition called “resting angry face.” Okay, maybe’s it’s not scientifically a condition, but it should be a concern if children start cowering every time you look at them, afraid of what’s hiding underneath that intimidating glare.

The angry resting face phenomenon has been given a spotlight and a terrible moniker thanks to social media. Have no fear though; there is a solution to this very real problem with these 3 fixes that can help turn that angry frown upside down!

BOTOX® Is Your Best Friend

BOTOX® offers a simple way to prevent your face from falling into grouchy frown lines. Just a few quick injections does wonders in getting rid of those deep-set furrowed brows that give women the constant appearance of being tense or angry.

Give Them Some Lip (Injections)

As you grow older, your lips start to lose volume, and as they lose volume, they start to cause sagging around the corners of your mouth. Your once-sultry smile now looks salty. A great way to pump up the volume around your mouth is a minimally invasive lip filler. Lip injections replace volume to your lips and reshapes and contours this area making your smile shine brighter.

Lift Those Brows

Pep up those brows with a brow lift. While this option is more involved than BOTOX® or lip enhancement, a brow lift can remove that permanent scowl on your face by repositioning your eyebrows and smoothing deep-set horizontal brow lines.

Now that you have some options at hand, stop scaring children and start looking for ways to give that angry resting face a permanent break.

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