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Don’t Love Your Belly Button? You’re Not Alone

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Belly ButtonInnie, outie or otherwise, chances are you aren’t too big on your belly button. It turns out that a lot of people want to change the way their belly buttons look.

What Makes Our Belly Buttons Look Like They Do?

No two belly buttons are exactly the same. Just like that freakishly long second toe, your belly button’s appearance is largely determined by genetics. Some doctors also think the way our umbilical cords are cared for as infants plays a role. Time to call Mom. However, we have only ourselves to blame for most other causes of unsightly belly buttons.

    Gaining weight and getting pregnant can dramatically change the appearance of your belly, button and all.

Umbilical hernias can also cause protruding belly buttons.

Saved by the Belly Button Tummy Tuck

All your belly button woes needn’t bother you, though. We live in a day and age where you can have the adorable little belly button you always wanted in a short visit to the plastic surgeon. A good tummy tuck surgeon can crop away the extra skin that hangs over the top of your belly button. You can even trade your outie for an innie at the same time as you get a tummy tuck. And the hernia? They can fix that, too.

The Fine Print

If you decide to have belly button surgery, it’s not going to be cheap. Of course, not many great things are. It will likely cost around $3,500. It’s also irreversible. That means no changing your mind and deciding that you liked your outie better. That said, people are loving the belly button tummy tuck. In an Instagram age, we just want to look our best down to the last detail.

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