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Don’t Let the Haters Steer You Toward Eyelid Surgery

Don’t Let the Haters Steer You

Don’t Let the Haters Steer YouEver have someone ask you if you’re under the weather when really you feel perfectly fine? Maybe someone’s even come right out and told you that you need some work done on your face, and now you’re asking yourself, “Hmm, what does eyelid surgery do, and should I get it?”

If you truly want eyelid surgery or injectables, that’s cool and you should totally look into it. But if you’re responding to haters, maybe reconsider.

Haters Gonna Hate

If you do go for plastic surgery, keep it real. You want to come out looking like you, just refreshed.

There are lots of reasons to spring for eyelid surgery, but satisfying a hater isn’t one of them. If YOU are bothered by eye-area wrinkles, drooping eyelids or even impaired vision caused by lax eyelid skin, then eyelid surgery might be just the ticket.

On the flip side, no amount of facial plastic surgery is going to get all haters to make like a tree and leave, so your best bet is to turn the other cheek and do you, girlfriend.

Shake, Shake, Shake. And Maybe Inject.

The next time a hater leaves you a rude comment, take one from T Swift and shake, shake, shake it off.

If the hater is secretly you on the inside and you’re not so happy with the new wrinkles who’ve moved in and made themselves at home on your face, you might want to give injectables a try before going for something more extensive. Dermal fillers and BOTOX® can work wonders for aging or thinning skin.


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Don’t Let the Haters Steer You Toward Eyelid Surgery
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Don’t Let the Haters Steer You Toward Eyelid Surgery
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